Genesis: Days 6 & 7

Feb 18, 2024

Genesis: Days 6 & 7

This message is brought to you by Pastor Darryl Morrison

Summary of Day 6:

Creation creatures of the land, wild animals, livestock, things that move along the ground. Man was also created-both male and female.

Summary of Day 7:

The work of creation is finished as God ends/finishes the work which He has done. God rests from all His work and sanctified the seventh day.

Do you realize you’ve been created differently?

We are Image and Likeness Representatives

So when God created us in His image that means there is something about the intrinsic and indispensable quality of God that determines, confirms and makes Him who He is, that He placed in us when He created us.

Each and every one of us reflect the image of God and are representatives of His distinct nature.


1. Does this mean we look like God in physical form?

2. What should we reflect that looks like God if we’re image bearer of Him?

3. Have you ever truly taken time to consider that you have been made like nothing else on this earth?Are there aspects in your life that you desire or are pursuing to look more like God?

Genesis 1:28-31

Work and subdue the Earth.

The idea of subduing the earth involves actively ruling over it with physical force or effort, not to destroy it but to cultivate it, making the land productive and life-sustaining.

God gave us the responsibility of caretakers (Gen. 2:15)

Walk in Godly Authority: We are given dominion

- Man was created to be God’s representative, clothed with authority and rule as visible head and leader over His creation.

God blessed us with the responsibilities to: Increase, Work, Rule (Gen. 2:1-3)

Mankind is the pinnacle and penultimate of God’s creation.


One of the main reasons why God created us was to be His representatives throughout the world and to rule over all things in His name (Psalm 8:6; 115:16). We were fashioned in God’s image so that we could represent Him on the earth.

God made us like Him so that we could be in relationship with Him.

From the beginning, God desired to bless us with His magnificent creation, and He enjoyed living in close fellowship with us.