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1st week of every month

Pastor Darryl Morrison

As we take 2023 to focus on worship it’s imperative to understand that worship is a response to something or someone worthy of our praise/singing, service, submission, and sacrifice. Worship is not only our reaction, worship is our choice. God allows each and every one of us the opportunity to choose Him as the One we worship.

Monday, March 6th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.  (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points
1. Pray and ask God to reveal and confirm the gifts He's blessed you with.

2. Pray to have the courage to make use of our gifts in every situation and any environment.

 3.  Ask God to use our gifts as we serve in His church and outside of the church; service teams, mission field, at work, our neighborhood, etc...

Wednesday,  March 8th

Join us in person at 7 pm for prayer & worship. 
Prayer Points
1. Ask God to help us worship in spirit and truth.  Allow our worship to begin in our hearts and be sincerely expressed in our lives.

2.  Ask God to allow us to remove distractions that we may have so we can truly worship Him.

3.  Ask God to reveal and remind us of the sacrifices we need to make to worship Him wholeheartedly. Show us the things that are keeping us from worshipping Him.

Friday,  March 10th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.  (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points

1. Pray that as we worship through our words, that our words are edifying to others and to the Lord. Pray that we speak words that build up, not tear down. Pray that we speak words that encourages others each other on to be the best they can be as we live out our purpose. Iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).

 2. Pray that we worship with our bodies by striving for physical fitness, being mindful of what we put in our bodies, and using our bodies to worship Christ. Pray that we also worship God with what we do with our bodies - praising God outwardly - lifting our hands, clapping, waving - physical demonstrations of our gratefulness for how good He is to us.
 3. Let's pray that we live a life of worship. That we are conscious of how we treat people and that we are mindful of the actions we take so that God will be glorified by the lives we live. 

Tuesday and Thursday visit our Prayer Wall, and join our church community in prayer.


At Valley Gate Church, everything that is birthed in us is birthed through prayer.  Join us as we believe bigger, confront our unbelief, step out in faith, and see God do great things! Visit our prayer wall to see how you can pray with your VGC family.