Genesis: The Making of Man

Feb 25, 2024    Pastor Darryl Morrison

Genesis: The Making of Man

This message is brought to you by Pastor Darryl Morrison

Main Scriptures:

Genesis 2:4-20

God the Life Giver vs. 4-7

- God forms, God breathes, God Gives Life

- God is a skillful and thoughtful craftsman who formed you with purpose and precision. Even in your times of brokenness, if you’re willing to be the clay, He will reshape you into what He originally had in mind.

God’s Sovereignty at Work vs. 8-9

- He plants, He places, He makes grow

- God gives us the power of discernment and choice to experience the fullness of His blessings.

Genesis vs. 10-14: Four Rivers

God’s Intent vs. 15-17

- Man’s Purpose, God’s Command, God’s reasoning

- God’s commandments come with bountiful freedoms and specific restrictions.

God’s Provision vs. 18-20

- He gives a helper

- Power and authority will never trump intimacy.


Genesis 2 teaches that the history of humanity is truly His-story. God is a giver, God is sovereign, God is a God of intent, and He provides just what you need.