A Father's Voice: Tell Them

Jun 19, 2022

A Father's Voice: Tell Them
This message is brought to you by Pastor Darryl Morrison

Scripture(s): Mark 1:9-11

Fathers, please understand just how powerful, impactful, and transformational your voice is.

Your voice can be the most life-giving, life-changing, bondage-breaking, and earth-shattering weapon your child has in their arsenal.

What Does Your Child Need To Hear:
1. Your Voice
- They must recognize and know your voice.
- They don’t need to hear it from someone else as much as they need to hear it from you.

2. You Tell Them Who They Are
- “Who you are has a lot to do with whose you are.”

3. You Tell Them How You Feel About Them

4. You Tell Them You’re Pleased
- Let them know you’re pleased, for no good reason except that you’re pleased.

Fathers, God has given you the power to change generations upon generations, and that power is in your voice. The devil knows he’s strongest when our children can’t recognize the voice of the Father. Now that you know how much power you have in your voice to change your children, TELL THEM.
Tell them who they are...
Tell them you love them...
Tell them you’re pleased with them.