Missing Person

Apr 17, 2022    Pastor Darryl Morrison

Missing Person | Resurrection Report
This message is brought to you by Pastor Darryl Morrison

Main Scripture(s):
Luke 23:50-56; Luke 24:1-12

Resurrection Report:
A report given speaks of the last place Jesus was seen after He died.

- What do you do when you lose Jesus? When you can’t find Him?

- He’s not where you last saw Him, or where you expected Him to be?

- If you can’t find Jesus and the last time you saw Him was when He died, don’t fear it only means, He’s Come Alive.

- He is still in the business of resurrecting things and bringing things back to life.

1. Remember the Last Words He Spoke (Luke 24:6)

2. Return from the Tomb (Luke 24:5-6)

3. Remain Steadfast (Luke 24:11)