Worshippers Whom God Welcomes

Jul 3, 2022    Pastor Darryl Morrison

Worshippers Whom God Welcomes
This message is brought to you by Pastor Darryl Morrison

Scripture(s): Psalms 15:1-5

Context of Psalms
1. What are Psalms?
- According to its function, a psalm is a liturgy recited (probably sung) within some kind of formal worship setting.
- Psalms are commonly accompanied by music.
- Psalms can be prayers and petitions, thanksgiving, laments/cries, and more.

2. How many Psalms Are There?
- 150

3. Patterns
- Certain Psalms are written in a specific pattern.

4. What is the purpose of a psalm?
- To lead worshippers into the presence of God.

4 Characteristics of Worshippers Whom God Welcomes:
1. Worshipper with Godly Conduct: Our Behavior (v. 2)
- For the worshippers who will enter into God’s presence it begins with our conduct and the manner by which we choose to behave/and the behavior of those we associate with.

2. Worshippers Understand How To Treat Others (v. 3)
- We learn from the wicked, those who are not welcomed into God’s presence, that how you treat others is your worship of God.

3. Worshippers With A Godly Perspective: See As God Does (v. 4)
- God welcomes those who strive to see as He does.

4. Worshippers Who Don’t Manipulate Others: Take No Advantages (v. 5)
- If your gain comes from you causing another to lose, you are not welcomed.