Going Deeper

Oct 9, 2022    Pastor Darryl Morrison

Emotionally Healthy Church :) Going Deeper
Speaker: Pastor Darryl Morrison

“We cannot be spiritually mature if we are emotionally immature.” - Peter Scazzero

The Lexico definition of emotion is "a strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others."

10 Symptoms of Being Emotionally Unhealthy:
1. Using God to Run from God
2. Ignoring Anger, Sadness, and Fear
3. Dying to the Wrong Things
4. Denying the Impact of the Past on the Present
5. Dividing Life into Secular and Sacred Compartments
6. Doing for God Instead of Being With God
7. Spiritualizing Conflict Away
8. Covering up Brokenness, Weakness, or Failure
9. Living Without Limits
10. Judging People’s Spiritual Journey

Thrust Statements:
It’s time to grow up by growing within.

The more you desire to grow the deeper you must be willing to go.

Excerpts from Emotionally Healthy Church
"Many people believe they’re taking a deep hard look inward, but in reality, we have not allowed Jesus to transform the deep layers underneath the surface."

"The Titanic sank because it collided with a section of the submerged 90 percent of an iceberg (pg. 74)."

"Most people and leaders are shipwrecked or live in inconsistency because of forces and motivations beneath the surface of their lives which they have never even considered."

"We’ve become adept at exploring outer space, but we have not developed similar skill in exploring our own personal inner spaces." -Dag Hammarskjold, former secretary general of the United Nation

"Journey inward is much more difficult than manipulating and controlling our external situations. “It’s easier to do and fix things rather than take a look inward.”

What does it look like to go beneath the surface?:
1. Awareness of Self (John 13:3)

2. Ask the "Why"
- If you don't ask God will
- John 4:15-18
- Genesis 3:8-13
- Have you carefully considered where your actions have taken you?
- Do you realize who you’ve been entertaining?
- Do you know how this will impact your life?

3. Link the gospel and emotional health
- 2 Corinthians 5:20-21
- “Linking the Gospel to our emotional health is the place where we begin the process of becoming whole.”

4. Getting rid of our “glittering images”
- When going deeper God will deliver us from the stronghold and demonic forces of our “glittering images.”

Your desire to grow will be determined by how deep you’re willing to go! Go Deep!!!