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Joining a Sunday Experience team is a great way to get connected at the Gate. We believe that servants are the greatest leaders and Jesus was the greatest servant so when we serve we are being like Jesus!


This team sets the atmosphere during our worship services and helps to prepare people to have an encounter with God through vocals and instrumentation.

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Ushers help facilitate the Sunday services by setting up/breaking down the sanctuary, seating people,
distributing and collecting the Engagement Cards, tithes and offerings, and passing out the communion

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VGC Kids is a strategic effort to disciple kids (ages 6 months to 12 years old) into world changers through our Bible-based, age-appropriate curriculum. If you volunteer with this dynamic ministry, you will be trained and serve on a rotating schedule based on your availability.

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Our youth ministry desires to create an environment for high school aged youth to fellowship and grow together spiritually. On a weekly basis students come together to engage with one another and with Christ in a fun, Christ-centered community. Volunteers help students build a strong foundation of faith and develop habits to help them connect with God regularly like bible reading, prayer, and devotionals

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This team contributes to creation and maintenance of content on all of our virtual outlets including website, app, and social media. Creative also includes designing graphics for promotional advertisement, print media, logos, etc and capturing the culture of Valley Gate through dynamic photos for use in our digital content.

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The production team uses technology to create an engaging and dynamic worship experience for both our in-house and online congregations. Production includes shooting, editing, and producing videos, operating cameras, lighting, sound, and other visual elements, as well as creating stage sets. 

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This team helps facilitate an engaging experience for every person that walks into the doors of Valley Gate Church. Engage includes greeting people at the door with a smile and assist parents with checking their kids into VGC Kids, facilitating sign-ups for events, and connecting with first time guests by creating a welcoming atmosphere in our VIP reception, sharing information about Valley Gate, and praying for them.  

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